Critinext Benefits & Outcomes

Benefits For Patients

  • Able to stay & get treated in peripheral set-ups more often
  • Avoid expensive/dangerous transfers
  • Geography/Weather Challenges

Benefits For Hospitals

  • Lower mortality (50-60%)
  • Fewer complications (30-40%)
  • Better bed utilization - Reduced ALOS (30%)
  • Better patient care : real time, 24/7
  • Extended Horizons

Benefits For Staff on Site -

  • CNS system – which use sophisticated algorithms to detect and advise E-ICU clinicians to important trends and changes in the patient's condition, enabling more proactive care with fewer complications
  • Physician/Nursing Satisfaction
  • Information Center Only a phone call away

Extending benefits beyond the health system:

  • Outreach enables leveraging referral patterns
  • Generating new revenue streams & increasing market penetration
  • Electronic Medical Records Solution enable the extension of benefits that could not realize them otherwise e.g.
    • Solidify market dominance
    • Create market insulation
    • Improve marker awareness
    • Enhance reputation
    • Leverage existing infrastructure, procedure & practices
    • Expand geographic footprints
    • Help unaffiliated healthcare entities improve performance & save more lives

Proven Critinext Outcomes are

Patient Outcomes

  • 38% reduction in codes per patient day
  • 40% reduction of severity –adjusted mortality

Financial Outcomes

  • Cost savings attributed to reduced ICU days
  • Cost savings associated with fewer transfers from small to tertiary care hospitals
  • More revenue by reductions in ALOS

Operational Efficiency

  • Reduction in the number of patients requiring transfer
  • Average cost savings on per ICU bed
  • More patients discharged home rather than to a post –acute facility
  • Paper less culture in ICU

Strategic Impact

  • Expanded Market competitiveness
  • Increased case mix acuity & revenue
  • Improved physician/nurses recruitment & retention

The E-ICU Program has been recognized by Wall Street Journal as one of six leading innovations that can have a dramatic impact on healthcare and "…help reach the goal that continues to elude our policy makers: getting good care to the greatest number of people in the most cost-effective way."

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