If Quality Critical Care has to achieve an impact of great magnitude by being accessible to those who reside in the furthermost reaches there should be an ambitious, affordable, innovative, telemedicine/ teleICU venture with day & night connectivity with intensive care units of tier2 & tier3 cities. Critinext is driven by an imperative to give critical care services worthy of global standards to those, who are in need of Intensive care disease management, particularly in remote areas where this expertise is not available.

Critinext - The fusion of Critical Care Skills, Technology, and Imagination & Compassion is a solution that fired the idea of creating a world class integrated Critical Care delivery System in India to provide "Intensive Care beyond Boundaries".

Vast majority of hospitals in India & Asia do not have skilled ICU specialists, working at night or weekends. There is huge Shortage of trained Critical Care Doctors & Nurses & even ICU beds. Studies show that when Intensivist's manage or monitor ICU patients, the patients chances of dying in hospital decrease by 30% (a study by Leapfrog Group).

Critinext occupies place of pride as Asia's first E-ICU initiatives

  • To address the critical care staff shortage
  • To enable remote units & doctors to manage Critically Ill Patients instead of transferring them to bigger cities.
  • To ensure the World Class Critical Care Quality standards.
  • It's an innovative initiative which: Leverage new – age internet technology,
  • works with finest Critical Care Skills combined with technology
  • Provides compassionate 24*7 Intensive Care Support & Monitoring
  • touching new communities & opening new horizons
  • Saves more lives & money.

Critinext Model converges remote ICU's to a command centre , drives a proactive care model that, provides solution to growing manpower shortage, help local physician to treat & manage patient locally while provides same standards & quality of care as in major cities. It's a clinically proven program which Saves more lives & generates more revenue.

"The brilliance isn't the technology, but the fact that we can use the technology to help physicians practice evidence-based medicine,"

For more details please contact: info@critinext.com

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