Policy & Regulations

Standard Operating Procedures:

  • Critinext has its entire SOP’s in place as per latest proven guidelines accepted worlwide, which are easy to understand & follow for smooth running of administrative / operational & clinical activities.
  • Only Critinext owns the right to make any changes in it or reissue the updated version time to time.
  • Critinext SOP’s next version would be revised & re-issued in March, 2015.

Document Control:

  • All databases are under strict control by software application.
  • Individual specific log-in ID for every user.
  • Auto capture of log-in ID details every time when someone login to enter the data or to make any amendments in the statistics.
  • More robust system for medical records & quality audits.

Document Tracking & Archival:

  • Every admitted patient's records remains in software for 3 days after discharging him from the system.
  • Then all databases of each patient get transferred to servers, placed in server’s room.
  • This can be tracked for 3yrs period from the day of discharge & for lifelong for MLC cases.
  • This duration span can be increased & made lifelong by remote units by adding 1TB storage device in local server room by remote units.

Audits & Reviews:

  • Daily analysis of all quality flash & data entered in centricity.
  • Followed by monthly analysis & review of all the stats.
  • Quarterly review of Project to make any changes if required

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